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Toyota Hiace perfect for solo traveller or couple

Possum Brush, New South Wales, Australia

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I've been touring for the past 3 years in this beauty of a home that is my 2002 Toyota Hiace Commuter. I converted it from a 12 - 14 seater van I think it was, insulated the whole thing, turned it into my home, with bed, drawers, kitchen, lots of storage space etc. The van build would suit a solo traveller or couple who wants to get up and go, this has everything you could need. It's not beautiful, but each thing has multiple uses, eg. : 1/ bed - sofa 2/ seats - storage 3/ battery space - storage area It includes the following : - a double bed that turns into a sofa - Seat out the back - ample storage space for clothes, washing needs (it currently holds all my music gear.) - 2 pull out seats for kitchen space - kitchen / work bench This van comes with a fridge, water tank, a tent and 2 sleeping bags, rugs, etc. plus all cooking needs. It is simple, but works a charm, and is perfect for someone looking to get out onto the road. The van also has a battery so you can charge a computer, phone, fridge etc. It charges from the car battery. This van is not flash, but it has looked after me well, and you can see from how I use it. It was totally built myself, and has not broken down once, with numerous check ups, to keep it on the road full time. I'm heading off to Europe for a European music tour and recording work, and looking to rent this out from early May through til Feb 2020, so roughly 8 months or so, instead of the van being sat unused. The photos are not great, as I'm using the van quite a lot for tours, but I will hand this over, will all personal things taken out. And you can see the van build here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ibcfe2VF80&t=15s


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Any breakages to windows, doors, battery, fridge, and such will need to be fixed. Any dents into the doors or roof etc. need to be fixed. This van can drive anywhere, but I expect it to be looked after. Return to me as you found it. This is for a long term rental, so only someone looking for a van from May 2019 - Feb 2020 need apply. Current rate is $50 per night, but open to discussion as this is for a long hire, so lets discuss upon application.


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