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Unique Soviet campervans in Georgia


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Tbilisi, Georgia

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Get around in Georgia in style and comfort in one of our fantastic campervans! Our brand new vehicles have been custom converted with modern comforts, kitchen, and so much more. We aim to give you the most care-free, adventurous and fun-filled trip of your life in our 4x4 campervans here in Georgia and beyond! UAZ Buhanka – Dare to be different This Soviet classic is still going strong after 60 years of production. One of the most robust and reliable off-road vehicles ever made, it has reached the far ends of the world crossing roughest of terrain. A true workhorse, the Buhanka was designed to escort tanks to the front lines. Due to its rugged build, it’s had so many varied uses over the years: ambulances, school buses, cargo transport, postal services and now, as a campervan. It’s built like a truck, can handle rough terrain, has heaps of room to move inside, and looks damn good too. What more do you want? Although the appearance of UAZ Buhankas hasn’t changed much over time, they have had some modifications to meet today’s demands. All our vans are produced from 2018 onwards and are equipped with power steering and have Euro 5 compliant engines. Don’t expect these vans to drive like your everyday sedan, though. While the older models are described to be like riding a bull, driving one of our new models can be like riding a horse; it can be a little bumpy, but it’s a lot of fun! You may not be able to go very fast, but who cares, you’re on holiday! Driving a Buhanka is an experience in itself and we are sure you will love it. Our converted campervans sleep two adults comfortably inside the van on a full-size double bed. For an extra fee, we can mount a rooftop tent that will sleep another two adults. ALL RENTALS INCLUDE ✅ Insurance (full casco & 3rd party) ✅ Unlimited KM’s ✅ 24/7 assistance ✅ Roadside assistance ✅ 4x4 capability ✅ Trip advice ✅ 4G WiFi hotspot ✅ JBL portable speaker ✅ Fully equipped kitchen ✅ Camping kit ✅ Bedding kit ✅ Cleaning kit The insurance has a maximum deductible of 200$. It covers all accidents, third party liability and personal injury. There is no limit on the amount of drivers. You have to be 21+ years old and in the possession of a driving license for at least 3 years.


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We expect that you treat the campervan as if it's your own You need to be 21+ years, and in the possession of a driving licence for at least 1 year to drive the van Smoking is strictly disallowed You are welcome to bring a pet, but we will charge €50 as an extra cleaning fee


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Tämän matkailuauton vakuus on 500 €. Vakuus palautetaan sinulle vuokra-ajan päätyttyä.

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Geweldig mooie vakantie gehad met een enorm leuk goed uitgevoerde camper. Deze wagen was uitermate geschikt voor de offroad wegen in Georgië.


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Pick-up and drop-off service

The owner of this camper offers a pick-up and drop off service. The costs for this are 0,00 €.

Description pick-up and drop-off service

Pick-up and drop-off in the whole Tbilisi area, including airport is for free! For Kutaisi airport we charge €50 for a pick-up or drop-off