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2020 Ford Roller Team Zefiro 675 drive on a car license 6 belts and 6 berths

Ford 2020 Zefiro 675 six berth + 6 seatbelts drive on car license | (1 arvostelu)

Henfield, West Sussex, Britannia


Omistaja Stephen

Vastaus 12 tuntia sisällä
Vastaa 69 % viesteistä
Hyväksyy 78 % pyynnöistä


6.99 m
2.35 m
3.4 m
3500 kg
Matkailuauton maksimipaino:
3500 kg
Sisältyvä matka viikossa:
500 km
Istuimet ajaessa:



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Alaikäraja: 25 vuotta


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Vakuus tälle ajoneuvolle on €1 750. Vakuus palautetaan sinulle vuokra-ajan päätyttyä.

1 Arvostelu

Hi Camptoo Support team and Stephen

I am really upset since I saw Stephen reply the last message. So I think is the time to tell everyone the whole story about what kind of experience I got.

We are planning rent motorhome for trip really late only two days before we go on to holiday on 19th July. And this is our first time rent motorhome so we choose Camptoo because website look very professional with all the company houses number and customer service number on. That is why make us feel safety. We considered to pay nearly triple price for rental but this is not enough at all at all, there is big extra mileage charge on contract which is we did not know at all.

So after we booked motorhome then I got owner contact number that I love to contact him to find out all the information about pick up place and time and where I can parking my vehicle all this question. But the owner Stephen hang up my call and send me a messages to tell me don’t call him using text messages instead. Fair enough I start text him message that is why I got all the proof come from. That is other proof he doesn’t want to explain everything to me, because talking is always easier then writing.

I have to say he is really business man, I am sorry to using this word but he is “greedy business man” and he is really not helpful, he changed gas bottles for 47 pound and he charged my vehicle parking in the free space for 53 pound. And he requested we pick up motorhome on 3pm on my first rental day also return back on last day 11am, So totally we been lost nearly two days time. Specially when we lose directions on that day when we getting pick up motorhome and he not even answer phone and not reply any text messages. Just let us to wasted time on it, But we are lucky got lovely female farmer to direct for us and she been mention that Stephen company always got customers come to they are house but Stephen never helped.

Even though I am still very polite to Stephen when I first saw him. I am told him this is my first time to rent motorhome is any other cost on it please? He said clearly only the gas bottle and parking fee and no other charge at all. That is why I told him if only this much cost then we may need to rent more days. And he really happy told me no problem only cost around £270per day also he asked my credit card details from me. he said he will not charge me anything until if I would like rent extra more days. How “helpful” person is! If he mentioned extra mileage charge in this time then I will change holiday planned we will not go that many places. If Stephen doesn’t want people drive too much mileage with this new motorhome he should mention to me but the truth is he hiding this message, because he prefers more extra mileage charge then anything else.

And don’t forget he already knew I will driving to Edinburgh at beginning, so that is why he asked me “are you going drive to Edinburgh tonight?” I answered “yes, any problem for this please?” He said “oh no that is long drive you will get tired without stopping” but until at time he still not tell me the extra mileage charge fee on it. Why??? I think everyone knew it now. He loves us to driving more and he can charge me more money on it. So if I send case to the court that I am not the loser that I believe. Afterwards He try take 1300 pound from my credit card, so now I am not make this case going bigger but I am really believe he is racial discrimination because when he see me is young Chinese lady. he worry about we may not got enough money to pay extra mileage charge because he is hiding this fee at beginning and he knew that will be biggest price at the end. That is why when he asked for the damage cost time he mentioned extra mileage charge will biggest price, how sad is!

I am still keeping text messages him about we will not going to rent extra more day and also I was text him for early return as well. He agreed as well can return motorhome to technician Mick and we are both checked out everywhere and everything then we both signed return form, but the funny thing is Stephen changed return form after one day. The worst point is he keep told me “appreciate”, I have to ask Stephen what do I need appreciated please? Do I need to appreciate you not mention all the rules to me at all or do I need appreciate you was hiding extra mileage charge at beginning with or you want me appreciate you was taken 1300 pound from my credit card when you said you will not going take any money from my account? Or you want me appreciate you are changed return form after we been leave? Now I am only appreciate the camptoo staffs because I am believing they are will judge who is right one.

Stephen I am sorry to tell you I am not stupid young Chinese lady, I am British business woman, I am going to put this story with your company details and camptoo company details on the Facebook and let everyone to see to judge. I am already been advise my solicitor about everything. So I am happy to pay you extra mileage charge by £1 per mile after around 400 free mileage that is clearly show up on the camptoo contract. Don’t try to tell me the extra mileage charge is count by kilometre, the contract is show clearly is “Costs of excess mileage: £1.00”

The two points of damage I am not going respond because everything was fine when we returned back. Is not because how much is, is because I am not stupid Chinese. Plus I will not going drive 3 hours to see the damage but you are more then welcome to bring motorhome to show me. And please stop ask me “appreciate” because you are not appreciate person, if you are then you should told me everything at beginning is. Not hiding instead! This is fraud!

Listen!!! no one will make enough money, the warm heart and nice personality is important then the money. But you got no. At the end I will mention to you I will put this true story to everywhere I know online with all the pictures proof. I will not hiding everything that I will going to do. hopefully this is help for who will get notice and all hiding charge before they rent your motorhome in future.

Thank you!