Hire a campervan or motorhome to take your adventuring to another level!

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Freedom on wheels

Hiking, mountaineering, surfing, climbing, kayaking, cycling, kitesurfing, triathlon, wintersports: almost every sport is better with a campervan! The freedom of having all your gear, and your house with you so you can sleep closest to where you want to climb that mountain, where you want to get into the water or where the best routes for cycling, running or hiking starts. After your activity, you can return to your home on wheels, prep your recovery meal and enjoy the outdoor life. 

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Rent a motorhome for your sportive adventure from a private owner

Renting a campervan with Camptoo enables you to explore the world the way you want to. How it works? Find a vehicle on our platform that best suits your travel plans. Send the owner a message with a rental request. Request accepted? Congratulations, your trip to never forget can be confirmed with a downpayment. You pick up the vehicle at the owner's house or storage facility. He or she is the expert about the vehicle and can explain you every detail about it. You are now ready for your sportive adventure!



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